If your own dog has gone mad and out of anger it has bitten you in an aggression or you are on the way and any unclaimed dog bites you, it is a serious issue to be addressed. Being at a distance from the hospital or medical aids, you should manage to provide the first aid to the victim.

Dog bite can be fatal for human beings especially when it is not attended timely. The Rabies Virus is transmitted through saliva into human body when a dog bites. The virus circulates into blood and finally reaches the brain. Swelling can appear in brain after the virus comes into contact with brain. From the brain, the virus travels into different part of body. It can be the stage where the patient becomes incurable and his/her death is in the wake. Dog bite should be treated as soon as any dog bites someone. If the doctor is not available, the victim or the people around him/her can handle the patient with the first aid.

These steps can help managing the first aid following a dog bite:

Step 1.

Remove the dog from the person it has bitten and take the wounded to a safe place where there is no danger of dog’s appearance again. It can reappear to bite the wounded person who is bleeding.

Step 2.

Try to stop bleeding as soon as possible. It can be stopped by these ways:

  • Keep the bleeding part higher from the rest of the body to reduce the blood pressure.
  • Press the bleeding part

Step 3.

Wash the bleeding part with clean water and remove the saliva if it is present. Use some antiseptic soup to check the virus.

Step 4.

Rush to the consultant to get the wound examined carefully.

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