Rabies Virus is an acute disease which takes lives of thousands of people every year even today. When a dog bites any human or animal, the virus is transmitted into the body through the saliva of the dog. A dog with Rabies cannot swallow its own saliva. Consequently, the saliva flows down from its mouth. When it bites any human or animal, it transmits the saliva into the bitten place of the victim. Due to biting with teeth, the body is wounded and bled. Saliva enters the wounded part and starts traveling into the body. This is the stage when the danger of Rabies Virus starts impending. It reaches the brain of the victim during the incubation period and causes inflammation.
Dog bite near head is fatal
If the victim is bitten near head or neck, it is fatal and life is considered to have an end very soon as the incubation period is very short and the saliva has reached the brain very quickly. No survival should be expected at this stage unfortunately. Rabies attack on brain succeeds and the victim loses the life.

Rabid dog cannot swallow its saliva

What if saliva enters the area far from head?
If the infected dog has bitten on leg or arm or any other area far from brain, there are chances to combat the Rabies as the incubation time will be more and it will take more time reach the brain. It will be easy and possible to remedy it. If the wounded area is washed instantly and first aid is given in a proper way, Rabies can be controlled and the patient can survive.
Don’t let your dog with Rabies lick your wounded or injured part
If you are suspecting your dog contracting Rabies Virus because of its abnormally strange habits, do not allow it to lick any part of your body which is injured or wounded. Its saliva can transmit Rabies Virus in you.

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