St. Bernard named as Benedictine has been acknowledged as the heaviest dog in the world. From the Swiss Alps and famous for its Alpine rescues, it is a working dog with an average weight of 140 and 220 lbs. Its weight is between 27½ inches to 35½ inches. He has taken over Zorva, the heaviest dog before him and enjoyed the status of the heaviest dog of the world with a weight of 367 lbs. its bravery and tilt to the alpine rescue missions bring honor to the St. Bernard.  It came into lime light when it was taken to a travelers’ way-station in the St. Bernard Pass, one of the highest places of Europe. Its presence over there with a height of 8000 feet gave it a universal name throughout the worldand it won the status of one of the most popular dogs of the world.

St. Bernard dog is of two types: smooth coat and fluffy coat. Its physique is suitable for going deep into snow and undergoing the severe cold conditions. It was previously named as Noble Steeds, Alpenmastiff, Berry Dog, and Stain Dog. In North America, it is called Saint while the name St. Bernard appeared on the scene near mid 1800s. Since St. Bernard is the heavy dog, it needs exercise though the volume of exercise varies according to its age. The weather conditions are also important as it is specific to the cold weather and cannot cope with the warm weather of the hot regions of the world. It is highly recommended to keep it in the cold places to avoid any heath disorder.


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