Originated in China, Pug is one of those dog breeds which have witnessed the journey of centuries. Born about 700 years ago, Pug is believed and trusted to be sincere, loving, and active dog. With a creased face and curled tail, it is one of the most favorite dogs of children because of its playful and mischievous nature. In ancient China, they were called Lo-sze but they got real popularity in the European region especially Scot Land, Ireland, Netherland and England. Due to many features in a small-sized Pug, it is called multum meaning much in a small packing. They are said be responsible for breeding English bulldog, and King Charles Spaniel. Sensitive and sensible to learn, it is kept as the companion dog as well.
The appearance of Pug is a little different from the other dogs. It has strong body with developed muscles and square body and a deep chest. Its ears are of two types: Rose and Button. Rose ears are small than the button ears and are folded on the front. Button is the standard size of ears of pugs. The Button style breeds are generally preferred to keep. Its feet are of medium size; neither too long nor too round. Fawn and black are the color in which it is found.
Health problems it can face
Other than common diseases, Pugs can suffer from certain health issues like hemi vertebrae and necrotizing meningoencephalitis (NME). They have a tendency to obesity apart from pharyngeal reflex. There can be a problem around its ear especially the folded area. Overheating can be another issue they can suffer from. The creases on its face need a special care and cleanliness otherwise it faces some dermatitis issues. Breeding with Boxers and Bulldogs can turn them vulnerable to hemivertebrae and they can face spine problems.
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