Though there are several remedies to prevent fleas on your dog but one of the most effective is vinegar. It is one of those food items which are hated by the fleas and they cannot stand it and die out. Soon after the spray of vinegar, combing the hair of the dog will result in the dead fleas. Smell and taste of the vinegar is a killer for fleas. White vinegar and cider vinegar are equally effective to fight and kill fleas. It can be tried not only on the skin and hair of the dog but on the bedding, floor, rugs, and carpet in the house. While cleaning your dog and home with vinegar or any other insecticide, one thing is important they should be cleaned at one time as the fleas can come back if any one is left on tomorrow.
How to clean the dog with vinegar?
Make a mixture of your dish detergent and apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. Both should be 50% of a small cup in proportion. Make a paste of the both. Take a tub full of warm water and put your dog dipped into it avoiding its eyes. The fleas will not bear the smell and die out. Another way is to apply the mixture with your fingers into the hair of dog skipping its eyes and ears. After applying it, comb the hair of the dog and see the teeth of comb populated with dead bodies of fleas.
Cleaning the house from fleas
Fleas at home can cling to the legs of your family members as they hide themselves under the carpets, rugs, and curtains. After cleaning your dog from fleas, treat your blankets, chairs, beds, sofas and the places where the dog sits most of the time. Use the mixture of vinegar and water and spray it on all these places. To avoid the staining of vinegar, white vinegar is a better option. After one spray you will be able to check the outbreak of fleas. And if the smell of vinegar creates any nuisance, you can spray any deodorant or freshener to change the bad odor into fragrance.

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41 Responses so far.

  1. Fleas are indeed a big concern for pet owners. What about ticks? What about disease carrier mosquitoes? I have been an advocate against toxic chemicals being used on our pets. We are poisoning our pets when we use spot on treatments. I have learned of a nontoxic product several months ago that has been proven to be effective in 95% of the pets it was used on.
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  2. Loopy says:

    I just came across this article. When you mix the paste do you put that in the tub with the water or do you put it directly on the dog? It was a little unclear.

    Hope to hear from you because I have tried everything.

    Thank you

    • Nancy says:

      when you say to use dish soap and vinegar, make a paste out of it, how? isn’t dish soap liquid?how do you make a paste out of 2 liquids?
      THANKS, Nancy

  3. Saima says:

    @ Loopy There are two ways to apply the paste. Either you apply the paste with fingers on the skin of dog avoiding his eyes
    you can mix that paste into tub of water and keep you dog dipped into tun again avoiding his eyes.

    • Loopy says:

      Oh awesome thanks so much for your prompt reply. I’ve been going insane with his fleas. I tried Dawn cause I heard that would do it I tried a flea shampoo bath, I have a flea collar on him, I do the monthly stuff from the tube and my last try was Diatamacious Earth. I’ve been putting it on faithfully every day but every day I see at least one flea on his belly. I feel so sorry for him.

      I really appreciate this website and all your information. Thank you so much.


  4. bruce says:

    Comfortis. It will rid your pal of his horrible parasites in one hour. He will thank you. Then go about ridding your house of the fleas, eggs and larvae. You can’t easily kill the pupae, so you need to do weekly vacuum and bedding wash for 3 to 6 months, the life of the cocooned pupae. Good luck.

  5. Judy says:

    How long do you leave the paste on the dog or the dog in the pasty water before rinsing him off? Did I miss that in the article? So very frustrated with these things. Nothing works so far!

    • Michelle says:

      I left it on for roughly about 15 minutes and they were dropping off like flies! a lot of them were dead instantly and stuck to the root of the hair and I had to pick them out after the bath so you may want to use a free comb after the dogs bath and lay him or her on a white towel or sheet, and comb her out very well over top of it. have a cup full of piping hot water next to you, because I did find some that were still kicking and I picked them off of my dog and put them in the hot water, and they were dead instantaneously!!! Good Luck!!

      • Saima says:

        Well @ Michelle about cats I am not sure that it will work on cats or not. Anyways you can try keeping your cat’s eyes and ears safe. Thanks for your comments and responses.

  6. Michelle says:

    This soundsvso great!! So I went out and I bought the vinegar, but before I bathe my dog in the pace and sprayed my house down I have to ask this question… is it safe to use around and on cats as well? because not only do I have my beautiful dog chippers, but I have 3 cats as well, 2 of them are indoor outdoor cats and one of them are indoor only. and now since winter is upon us the two that are indoor outdoor will probably remain indoor more than outdoor… so the fleas won’t be as much of a problem hopefully!!

  7. Michelle says:

    I put paste on my dog in the bathtub, and I left it on her for about 15 minutes before I rinsed it off. I did massage it through to her skin and comb it through her hair very thoroughly. what fleas didn’t fall off early jump off of her we’re dead and trapped in her hair. Now before and during my dogs bath, my husband had treated the bedroom, the living room and the kitchen. The 3 rooms that the dog has access to; using the vinegar mixture spray on the rugs, the the couches, the couch cushions, under the couches, the bed, under the bed, under the bureaus, any milk and cranny that could possibly be hiding a flea!! when my dog was finished with her bath I brought her out into the living room by the manager was still fresh in the living room.. continue to take off the dead fleas.. and she felt wonderful! she didn’t scratch for at least 2 maybe 3 hours. and I vacuumed immediately after drying her, as well as taking the towels from her bath and all bedding and pillows from the couches and bedroom & washed them immediately! unfortunately the next morning she was covered in fleas yet again!!! so what I did is sprayed the vinegar mixture directly on her! just the hot water and vinegar in a spray bottle. traded my living room and bedroom and kitchen again and Zack and again. it really doesn’t seem to be working too well either that or the infestation is worse than I thought…. However I do still have 3 cats so I can’t seem to catch a hold on too long enough to treat with the vinegar solution! so I would really love for someone to reply to me whether or not it’s safe to use on cats because I really need to know if I can find a safe way to approach my cats and get this done once and for all! also considering the fact that flea eggs have a nine-day hatching period… I also learned that sprinkling either regular old table salt or crushed very finely rocks salt into your sofa cushions in under yourself questions and all over your carpet as well as all around your yard will keep the flea eggs from hatching because they need the moisture, and the salt sucks and waste your right out of the eggs and kills son dead! just remember to keep up on your vacuuming!!! don’t forget to restart your homee everytime after you vacuum! PLEASE RESPOND SOON I REALLY NEED TO KNOW IF THE VINEGAR IS SAFE FOR MY CATS!!

  8. Meredith says:

    I wouldn’t use too much vinegar directly on your cats as their pH balance is super sensitive. Maybe use your vinegar/water solution in a spray bottle but that’s it. You can add vinegar to your dog’s water too (just a little) but never to your cats’.

  9. ronda says:

    I just tried this tonight and i couldnt belive how fast it work i used it directly on the coat and the fleas just popped up to the top of the coat and the eggs came off so easy… i will make everyone i know nos about this cuz its alot cheaper then goin to the pet store and most ppl have already in there pantry…. ty so much for this post

  10. Sara says:

    I just did this with my dogs and I was utterly amazed. Like the other posts said, the fleas were literally dropping off them. Amazing. It didn’t get them all, but made a real good dent! We have them quarantined from the rest of the house while I work on that next. Simply amazing, and much cheaper than the alternative! Thank you so much!!!

  11. nancy says:

    LOVE IT ,and now I know why some said to use white instead of apple .so it doesn’t stain !! I use white vinegar for a lot of cleaning but never thought of using it on pets Thank you

  12. Jason says:

    Can I use normal malt vinegar on my dog in the same way

  13. Dawn says:

    What is the recipe for the paste to put on the dog? Also, when you clean your house with the vinegar solution, what is the ratio of water and vinegar and is that all you put in the mixture? Does this mixture kill the pupae and eggs in the house?

  14. Lisa says:

    I have tried Dawn dish detergent, dog flea and tick shampoo, Advantage and different “home remedies”. One of the problems with the shampoo and other remedies is that they all require a bath and my dog HATES water. She will walk around puddles if it’s raining and I literally have to push her out the door if it’s remotely wet so keeping her in the tub for any length of time is insane (she’s a big dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback) and is stronger than I am!
    Also, strangest thing is, I rarely see fleas anywhere but on her. My 2 year old daughter has bites ALL over her but she sleeps in my bed and I don’t have anything. The dog sleeps with my 11 year old and she doesn’t have anything on her. I recently started babysitting a 3 year old and her mom said she’s got bites on her! Why are they only going after the 2 young kids?
    One more thing. Would adding baking soda to the vinegar/water mixture would it help alleviate the smell?

    • Saima says:

      If your dog is afraid of water, you can apply the paste (mixed with water) with a brush. Younger babies are more vulnerable to the bites. So keep them away util your dog completely gets rid of fleas and ticks. Yes, baking soda will help kill the odor of vinegar

  15. mathew says:

    Cant you just mix vineger to water then spray on dog or what an if so how much vineger to water please help

  16. JfromLA says:


    I use white vinegar and cider vinegar to fight off fleas. Here’s the thing, it’s not something you can do once and expect to see long lasting changes right away. True, it’s amazing how the fleas die and jump off your dog. However, this has to be a ritual for at least a couple of months before you start to get rid of all fleas effectively. What I do beside the vinegar bath I give my dog is add a drop off apple cider vinegar on her water. I also spray her with vinegar before every walk. I spray my furniture with vinegar and add some vinegar on my laundry as well. You also have isolate your dog in a certain area in the beginning to prevent fleas that are still in hiding from attacking again during vulnerable times. The first time I did this, I was annoyed and pretty much done with vinegar because everything was vinegar this vinegar that. But I noticed a major difference a couple of month later where I wasn’t finding anymore fleas on her at all, not even one! I was amazed and happy with my little companion. Then months passed by and I sort of neglected my vinegar treatment and then they were baaaaack!!!! Huuuugh!you can just imagine my frustration. So here we go again with the vinegar. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also cheaper, harmless and effective. I’ve made it my routine again and yes I slack off once in a while but not enough to have those yucky critters crawling my house again. By the way, along with the vinegar, I vacuum my house everyday, it helps a lot. And I also do the citrus Ajax and vinegar mix for baths. I Just wanted to share, hope it helps.

    • Desi says:

      @jfromla – i completely agree! Its been about 8 weeks and the vinegar treatment is actually working! Its all about repetition and being consistant. Additionally, over time your furry baby will also get used to it as well. Mine fought me alot. He loved the bath part because i think it really soothed him but the spray of vinegar/water mixture was a pain, along with ear cleanings, etc.

      i have a 4 year old pug with sensativity issues (allergies, nerves) so i also use coconut oil about every other day on his skin to help replenish and condition his skin from all of this “treatment”and washing. I was doing the above “paste” recipe once every 7 days for the first 3 weeks, then i skipped a week. Its sooo frustrating when you see just 1 flea after doin all this and you know thats gonna lead to more, but all ive been doing is pulling out the spray, apply and brush. IT WORKED!

      Also, dont forget bedding! Every time my baby gets a bath, his bedding and most of the house does too! And then i treat the bedding in between washings with the vinegar spray. We also live in an area where fleas are unavoidable, so i actually spray around the back yard with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and the Dawn dish soap. I know it sounds weird but i truly belive its helped alot.

      Btw – i use the Blue Dawn dish soap called simply clean. I know they have a type called Dawn Ultra thats also blue, but I’ve never used it, so i dont really know the difference. For me, im tired of the chemicals and im so glad this alternative worked for us! Just be consistsnt and patient.

  17. Jan says:

    Does the vinegar/water solution repel fleas? I have a Golden Doodle puppy (4 months)who is dying to play out side, but we live on a farm and is it nearly impossible to rid the area around our house of fleas because of the hounds that used to live outside here.

    • Saima says:

      @Jan yes its an effective remedy

    • Sheila says:

      Jan, since you live on a farm, I would strongly suggest investing in “beneficial nematodes” – look it up on google and/or ebay/amazon. It will not only help rid the farm of fleas, you will find a healthier/bigger crop of whatever it is you are growing. It is expensive and a pain in the tookus to apply, but well worth it.

  18. kim says:

    can vinegar kill ticks too ?