Irish wolfhound is the largest dog breed in the world which comes of hound family. With a superb appearance and physique of an athlete, Irish wolfhound is the tallest of all dog breeds. Available in black, fawn, red, gray, and white colors, it is a good runner as a hunter of wolves and gentle as family dog at the same time. The references of Irish wolfhounds are found in the Roman records in 391 AD when they were used to hunt with their masters and played the roles of guard dogs, fighters in the battles, or family dogs playing with the kids of their owners. They were presented as gifts in the royal avenues as a sign of good will.

Irish wolfhound is a family dog

General appearance

Generally Irish wolfhound is tall dog with strong muscles and graceful posture. With a height of 32 inches and an average weight of 120 pounds (30 inches high and 105 pounds in weight in case of bitches), it has upward tail with a curve. A combination of elegance, power, and courage makes it ideal dog breed to hunt and be adopted as a family dog. It movements are swift and easy when it is on the hunt and it looks as a commander when it is in action.

As a royal hero

Irish wolfhound played an active part in the battles of the bygone ages when the royals took it to the battlefield to show their grandeur. The appearance and presence of Irish wolfhounds with their masters accelerated the heat of war.

As a good companion dog

The hero of the wars of the past, Irish wolfhound is equally good as companion dog. It enjoys the company of the master and loves the family and kids.

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