Buying a dog generally means buying loyalties and affections. But do we realize that we are buying love as the dog is meant only to be love and love? The unconditional love which cannot be purchased in the world is abundant in dogs. They have been hooked up with loyalty and affections. They are the friends in need and, of course, the friends indeed. That is why; they have been with man since centuries. Man has adopted them with love and care and the dog has submitted all of its energies and affections to the man. The people, who adopt a dog, win a bumper prize of unconditional love and sacrifice from the dog. The price paid for the dog is the minimum and the magnitude of love and affection of dog exceeds all boundaries. Should we say that we have bought a dog or in other words a lottery of love?

We cannot pay for their love
The truth is that we are unable to pay the heaviest price of what dogs offer us in terms of vigilance, care sacrifice and love. They seem to be living for loving the human beings while demanding nothing in return.
Adopting them changes the sense of dog
Buying a dog means keeping a property on which we spent some money. But adopting it makes the dog our best friend and we enjoy sharing our feelings like a true friend does. We take care of a soul which has been created by God almighty and appraise the creature.
Spending one time brings joys for long time
The price we spend on buying a puppy or dog is only once but the privileges we avail out of it are numerous. A few hundred or thousand dollars and life time solace is not a big deal.

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