A stretch of beach is ahead of me and I am seeing the calm waters sprawled over miles. Memories are raising their head like the fish in the water and go down deep in the sea. The beautiful days of childhood are coming up on the scene and I play with stars and moon. Having a companion dog along with me, my feet are on earth but my emotions touch the heights of the skies. Another layer of days lifts and I am playing with my friends and a dog under the stars. Moon-lit nights and a bunch of friends and a dog together used to have fun beyond the words. My girlfriend used to be the most valuable treasure for me I ever discovered. Another circle of seasons turns and I find myself in the very lap of solitude on the same beach. Loneliness spread over miles before me like the vastness of sea. Miles ahead both of the sea and my solitude! Same beach with a lot of gigantic and titanic changes with the same companion dog I had in my life.

O really?

My dog keeps me busy
My evenings are no gloomier with the torrents of memories when my companion dog comes to drag me out of the deep sea of memories. It starts playing with me when I take it out on walks. On the beach, it keeps me busy in amusing me by doing funny tricks. It runs after a sea gull and comes back to chase another. Making splashes into water is a funny thing it does for me. It jumps into water again and brings fish for me though I do not want to have them at the moment. It offers me to eat them and when I do not accept the offer, it looks at me to make an offer to him. How funny! It becomes my guest and I host it. I really enjoy it. The same desolate sea turns into a happy scene and we come back home.

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