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California is the state of dog-lovers who are dog-crazy and can spend on dogs as much as they can. They do not buy the dog; it is the piles of unconditional love and affection what they get for their money. The magnitude of selfless love is much more than what they spend on buying their favorite dog.  The popular dog breeds in California are many but the Labrador retriever looks streets ahead of the other dog breeds. It has excelled in the results of the surveys for many years. Since almost 20 years, Lab has been raked at number one position in the surveys on popular dog breeds. The question here is why the dog-lovers trust the Lab more than any other breed. The surveys again bring the answer.

Perfect companion

The reason behind Lab’s top position among the competitors is that it is an ideal companion dog teamed with love and dedication to the master. This fabulous love relation with the owner and his/her family makes Lab the most popular dog breed at homes.

Aquatic dog

Lab is fond of water and loves swimming. Its strong muscle and agile body makes it a perfect swimmer.

A social dog

Due to an extrovert tendency, Lab is called a social dog as it loves people. It is always friendly with the young and elderly children. Also it accompanies the old people especial when they are alone in the darks of their loneliness.

Other breeds in California

There are some other dog breeds which gain popularity among the dog-lovers of California. Though they rank lower than the Labs, they have their own market too. These dog breeds according to their rank in the popularity chart are:

  • APBT
  • German shepherd
  • Yorkies
  • Shih Tzu
  • Maltese
  • Boxer
  • Golden retrievers
  • Standard poodle

Ezy Dog

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